Latest Stats on Coronavirus cases in India


I am a citizen of this great country, India. In the times when essential service workers of our country are risking their lives to keep our country functioning despite being under lockdown, least I could do is consolidate news online and make a platform where informed citizens like you can access it.

Through this website, I am trying to track the spread of COVID-19 in India by monitoring news. I am also trying to post positive news that can give us some relief in these troubled times. Through my personal experiences, and if you will share your experiences too, we can together make a better platform for us to share the news that can help us to be informed and take necessary measures to fight this situation.

You can contribute too to this effort. There are various sections on this website which you can access, and you can participate in whatever way you like.

I am not an expert in infectious diseases, nor I am an authority on  deciding the course of action. The information that I will post here will have their respective sources attributed to them.

I have family members as well as my friends who are part of the essential services and are rendering their services at this time. I am grateful for their services and also to those people who are fighting this disease at the frontline. If you know of any essential worker near you in any sector, do a post about them Here

Last but not least, I believe that together we can slow down the spread of this virus in our country if we share knowledge regarding this.

I hope you do so too.