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FightC19India is a website dedicated to track news related to coronavirus and spread of COVID-19 in India. The recent coronavirus spread across the world has created a global pandemic that has spread to over 200 countries and has infected more than lakhs of people people till date. The disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus has been termed as COVID-19 by WHO. It stands for COronaVIrus Disease in 2019. The virus has reportedly spread through animals to human from a market in Wuhan, China.

The virus causing COVID-19 disease is quite contagious. The disease has spread in over 200 countries. India is also one of the countries that have got affected by COVID-19 disease. With severe infections being reported in China, Spain, Italy and United States, this disease is a matter of concern for everyone around the globe. United States is being seen as the new epicentre of this epidemic by WHO.

India is the second-most populous country of the world. Developed countries have had a hard time fighting this disease, and hence it is a cause of concern for India since the healthcare facilities in India are not adequate when compared to the rest of the world. The most effective way to combat this disease is by social distancing and taking necessary precautions.

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What is this website for? is an effort to track the spread of COVID-19 disease in India, the necessary precautions that need to be taken to prevent this disease. By monitoring news from national and international media, FightC19India aims to inform people. Since prevention is better than cure for COVID-19 disease, information access should help in prevention against this disease. I believe it is better to be informed and take informed decisions.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

I am a citizen of India, and I am doing this because I feel the need of keeping myself informed on this subject. I do not have an affiliation with anyone else. I gather news from major news outlets to track this disease in our country. There is no cure for this disease yet, and doctors are only curing the symptoms. Unless there is a vaccine, we are at risk of getting an infection. 

Seems like an excellent initiative, how can I help?

You can help by contributing to this website. There are various sections on this website where you can post information for others to access. You can also share information as you deem fit. The goal is to inform as many citizens as possible.  Here is our  Forum

I also have a suggestion for you, how can I contact you?

Great, it might get overwhelming doing it alone. If you have any suggestions, please contact using this form

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